The purpose of this site is to highlight the two biggest facts which set Christianity apart from all other religions and belief systems. Though there are many others which could be used, these two facts alone demonstrate beyond all reasonable doubt that

 God has spoken to humanity through the Bible alone and has publicly endorsed Jesus Christ—and no one else!

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We will focus on two questions:

1. How do we know that the Bible is true?

2. How do we know that Jesus is alive?


I will show three lines of evidence which powerfully support the answer to each of these questions. To make these easier to remember, I have developed key words or phrases for each question and it’s line of evidence.

How do we know that Jesus is alive?


The key phrase for this question is;


"We know that Jesus is alive because

Jesus WON! —Witnesses, Open Grave, New Men."


(Each letter of the word “won” will help you remember key evidences.)

How do we know the Bible is true?


The key phrase for this question is;


"We know the Bible is true because it tells the past perfectly, it tells the future perfectly and Jesus said so!"

The fact that the Bible is true and that Jesus is alive, are both so important that it is appropriate to think of Christianity as if it were a structure supported by two massive pillars. With only two pillars, the  strength of the structure requires that both pillars be  sound and in place.

So also for Christianity, the strength and integrity of these two "factual pillars" determines whether it is God’s message for humanity or not! By learning the information presented you will discover that God has given us incredibly powerful reasons to believe that He has indeed spoken to us through the Bible and provided the way of salvation through His Son!

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