“Massive amounts of new genetic information is required to go from amoebas to man, but information can only come from an intelligent source and Darwin’s theory depends on CHANCE not Intelligent Design.”

This chart shows a simplified representation of macro-evolution. It starts with nothing but over time the information content of the DNA increases as the complexity of the organisms increases. Information requires intelligence but Macro-evolution only allows blind chance—that's a hugh problem!

Information and Specified Complexity


What kind of evidence suggests intelligence is involved?

More than simply design or order:

  1. It is order of a complex nature
  2. It has a clear and specific function


Specified Complexity


Examples of Order in Language

Resulting in Information Content

Example 1


  1. Specified? Yes, it specifies a thing.
  2. Complex? No, it’s just repetitive.
  3. Summary: Low Information; Specified Repetition

No intelligent cause needed.

Examples: Crystal, Nylon


Example 2


  1. Specified? No. Nothing is clearly specified.
  2. Complex? Yes
  3. Summary: Low Information; Unspecified Complexity

No intelligent cause needed!

Examples: Random polymers


Example 3


  1. Specified? Yes, specific words are identifiable.
  2. Complex? Yes
  3. Summary: High Information; Specified Complexity

An Intelligent source caused this order!

Examples: DNA, SETI Project

Top: Indian Head Mountain

Bottom: Mt. Rushmore

Examples of Specified Complexity In Physical Things

Telling Us Intelligence Was Needed


Indian Head Mountain

  1. No clear specified complexity
  2. No intelligence needed (produced by natural causes)


Mt. Rushmore

  1. Obvious specified complexity
  2. Clearly intelligence is needed


The specified complexity is so great in an example like Mt. Rushmore that you not only see four distinct human heads but you see distinct features that are specifically related to specific human beings. The nose, eyes, mouth, etc. that belong to Washington are very different from those belonging to Lincoln. The information content is extremely high! No one in their right mind thinks this happened by chance or unguided natural processes.

Common Sense


Was this image in the sand produced by the action of natural forces? The message communicated tells us it was produced by an intelligent source!


The specific shape of a heart carries with it a great deal of information having to do with a close personal relationship held together with a bond of love. This particular image goes beyond that message by including an additional heart overlapping. Again, no one could make the case that this pattern happened by chance or by natural causes because of the amount of information contained in the shapes.


Natural or Man-made?


The science of archaeology deals with this all the time. They have to ask themselves if the shape of the artifact tells them that it is a man-made object or not.


Natural Causes or Murder?


In forensic science similar issues are dealt with. Does the evidence point to a natural cause of death or was it murder? The answer depends on the amount and kind of information which is communicated by the evidence.

 The SETI Project

(Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence)


In 1960, Cornell University astronomer Frank Drake performed the first modern SETI experiment, named "Project Ozma." SETI is "a collective term for scientific searches for intelligent extraterrestrial life, for example, monitoring electromagnetic radiation for signs of transmissions from civilizations on other worlds."


Carl Sagan once said, “The receipt of a single message from space would be enough to know there’s intelligence out there.” And he was correct because a message contains information and information only comes from an intelligence source—based on universal human experience!

But Why Do Evolutionists Ignore DNA?


DNA is a language in the heart of the cell, a set of instructions telling the cell how to construct proteins and every part and function of the organism—much like the software needed to run a computer.


How much information is in DNA?

August 2012 headline: Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram, smashing the previous DNA data density record by a thousand times.


The DNA in a single human cell contains enough information to fill as many books as are contained in a large library.”


And yet, the Darwinian evolutionist insists that the source of DNA could not possibly be intelligent!


The fact that we find massive amounts of information in every cell of every living thing on this planet tells us that Darwin's Macro-evolutionary theory is WRONG.


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