Dr. Henry F. Schaefer III


  • One of the most distinguished physical scientists in the world.
  • Director of the Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry at UGA since 1987
  • In 1991 U.S. News and World Report speculated that Professor Schaefer is a “five time nominee for the Nobel Prize.”
  • Dr. Schaefer has received four of the most prestigious awards of the American Chemical Society.
  • Dr. Schaefer’s wife is a young-earth creationist.



The purpose of this site is to show four key areas that present major problems for the Darwinian Macro-evolutionary Theory of origins.


It is often claimed that virtually all scientists agree with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. While it may be true that “most” scientists agree with it, truth is not determined by a majority vote and there is a growing number of very qualified scientists who are willing to publicly acknowledge that Darwin’s Theory has a growing number of major problems. Dr. Schaefer is an Old-earth Creationist who points out four issues that many scientists, even those who are not creationists, site as sound reasons for believing that Evolution has never, could never and will never happen. This slide shows a few of his credentials while his book, Science and Christianity: Conflict or Coherence? requires four pages to list them all.

Dr. Schaefer’s book mentioned four areas which demonstrate that atheistic Darwinian evolution is not true:


  1. Life From Non-life: It can’t get started.
  2. Information: It’s most important element is missing.
  3. Fossils: It hasn’t left a believable trail.
  4. Evolution-Micro vs. Macro: Bait’n Switch intellectually dishonest arguments are used to sell it.

You could summarize it this way…


I don’t believe in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution because science has never been able to show how life could have come from non-life. If life could have gotten started, science has never been able to show where the massive increase of DNA information needed to go from an amoeba to a man came from. Also, if evolution actually happened, it should have been very obvious in the fossil record—but it’s not. No one can explain the Cambrian Explosion and the millions of transitional forms are no where to be found. Finally, Darwin’s Theory is being taught in an intellectually dishonest way by claiming that Micro-evolution is evidence for Darwin’s Theory—Macro-evolution.

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